Happiest Heavenly Birthday Doris Day

Dear Darlings, 

I wanted to dedicate this post to the late Doris Day, it would have been her 98th birthday today and it is the first one she is not here for. But the sun has been shining all day so I know she is not far. A beautiful woman who I have idolised for some time now for her loving demeanour, her music, and her dedication to making others happy. She has left a wonderful legacy of pure integrity, love and kindness and she will always be in my heart. She inspires me so much with her music, the work she put into her films and her talent.

I want us to remember her for the amazing human she was. Someone who loved animals and spent her time dedicating to looking after them, and becoming an animal rights advocate. She also loved her fans and called them her friends, making sure to write to as many letters as possible. She had a heart so pure and kind and is one of the many reasons why she was loved by millions.

In memory of Doris Day, the DDAF have posted this beautiful, unseen video footage. (Click on picture to go to video).

Thank you Ms Day for the memories of your exquisite talent and your selfless, countless contributions to society during your time. You made the world such a better place and you will forever be missed, always.

Happy birthday.


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