Setting Goals For Self Development


When setting goals for ourselves I understand that it can be dispiriting and can be overwhelming, especially for someone who suffers with mental health as the feeling of inadequacy and the constant self discrimination if we don’t achieve those goals can subside us from even introducing this importance. But we have to remember that we don’t have to put a barrage of pressure on ourselves, even if it’s just one small goal the achievement at the end is so rewarding and makes you feel good about yourself. Setting goals is so important as it’s a motivation to keep going as it’s the determination in succeeding that pushes you to work harder. Please don’t put yourself down because you didn’t meet someone’s inadequacy version of success, you do whatever you please and if it makes you feel better at the end then it’s all worth it. I myself have written a list over the past two years about things I want to strive towards and improve my self love.

“I want to have more confidence in myself and lead a happier life” 

This particular goal of mine is the most significant one for me because it’s something that I long to have. For years my confidence has deteriorated and I am constantly comparing myself to other people, about how I wanted their “perfect” life. I wish everyday I was happier in myself and I would love to know how it feels not being woken up by the sound of my heart beating so fast the minute I open my eyes, what it’s like to not have an overload of negative thoughts nagging at me the moment I  step foot out of my bed, what it’s like to be wake up and feel happy.

“My dream is to be a journalist, particularly in fashion, but as long as I’m in a writing career I will already feel like I’ve won” 

For years I have dreamed of being a fashion journalist, to be invited to fashion shows and interview celebrities but I’m slowly leaning towards the option of being a journalist for all areas and using my writing platform to help people, as I’m trying to do with this blog. But as long as I’m either head down writing or giving a hand to someone in need I will be eternally happy.

To have a family and get married in the most glamorous way you could ever imagine”

Anyone who knows me will know how much I dream of having a big white wedding wearing the most elegant gown, covered in Swarovski crystals! I’ve always wanted the most dramatic, memorable entrance and feel like a princess. That’s just a bonus but the more important thing is I want to be happy with my own family because the thought of having my own adoring circle around me everyday when I’m older warms my heart and is a few more people to give all your love to and protect them with every ounce of you. I’ve had a list for years, writing down names I love which usually is very unique and not heard of by many! But that’s the thing I like about it, it may sound cheesy but having an unheard name of is a reason for you to be different and stand out because why would you all want to be the same when every name fits different personalities and having uniqueness to your name is already a starter to being your own version that you want to be.

These are just few of the many goals I aspire to be and you should start thinking, if you haven’t already by writing down one or two small things that you could complete in a short amount of time and the rewarding feel you have in your heart overrides any negativity you feel towards it. It’s also a reminder that if we stopped focusing on the pessimistic in our lives and start to work hard to improve our mentality processes then it makes such a difference as we’re converting the importance to what truly matters to us. Prioritise a few goals and take into consideration that you want to set targets that really mean something to you and not just doing it for the sake of it looking good, it has to have a notable desire you want to attain.

If you have some already I would love to know, so please leave a comment or email me with your thoughts about this post and any goals you want to achieve!

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Be kind to yourself, always.

- Aimée Darling


  1. I agree that though setting goals seems overwhelming at first, it will be so satisfying when you reach them. I hope you achieve all of yours one day! One of my goals is to get my first novel published!

  2. I don't like to set too many goals, especially long-term ones as you don't know what life will bring you. I think small, short-term goals helps motivate me though and it's satisfying when you achieve them! X

    Megan |

  3. Self-development is so important for you! You need to invest in yourself for a better future. It is so cool that you want to be a fashion journalist! Blogging is definitely the first step to getting there. Sending you lots of love!

    Nancy ♥

  4. I have every bit of confidence in you to achieve your goals, follow your dreams, so proud of you xx💖😘😘💖

  5. Numerous creators who have inquired about on self development state that if each individual takes a shot at building up a superior internal, the general public will succeed with harmony and love aside from scorn.We teach never to give up


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