Remembering Doris Day


This weeks blog post is dedicated to the late Doris Day, who sadly passed away early hours of Monday morning at the age of 97. A Hollywood legend and one of the worlds iconic American singer, actress and animal welfare activist. I was deeply saddened and my heart hurts to have heard this news as she was one of my idols, someone who I looked up to for the kindness she holds in her heart and the pureness she gave to others. She gave so much to this world and her gentleness will forever be missed, her fearlessness in portraying women's strength will be one to remain memorable for the years to come. .

Doris May Ann Von Kappelhoff was born on April 3rd 1922 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her work involved music, films and animal advocacy comprises an enduring legacy, her professional singing career beginning at age 15. She was honoured with many awards such as ‘The Presidential Medal of Freedom’ in 2004 and a ‘Grammy for Lifetime Achievement’ in 2008.

Since the 1970’s, Doris Day focused her energies and time on the Doris Day Animal Foundation. Her lifelong compassion for animals compelled her to fight animal testing and to advocate for spay/neuter education and outreach programmes in the U.S. As Doris once said “Dogs are just as important to me as people”   The foundation continues to provide support to smaller rescue organisations nationwide, with a special focus on those assisting senior pets. Doris’ passionate work on animals in need of rescue, veterinary care and adoption will not end. The foundation is committed to continuing this work as a grant giving organisation. Doris’ wishes were that she have no funeral or memorial service and no grave marker.

Thank you for bringing much needed kindness into the world with your beautiful heart, making the most wonderful memories Doris. You will always be that wholesome blonde beauty with a smile that could light up a room. She was anything and everything, sweet and innocent, a loving wife and mother. Doris, I will miss you ever so much and may you rest in love and sunshine.

Que serĂ¡, serĂ¡!


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